Byers' Choice Specialty Characters Christkind

Byers' Choice Specialty Characters Christkind

Byers' Choice Specialty Characters Christkind


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Byers' Choice Christkind Caroler #3581 by Joyce Byers.

In Germany, it is not Santa Claus or the Weihnachtsmann, who traditionally delivers gifts on Christmas Eve. Instead, the Christkind, an angel-like creature veiled in white with golden hair, brings gifts to families on the eve of Christmas. She arrives secretly through an open window and rings a bell to announce that the presents have been placed under the Christmas tree. Christkind, the German name for the Christ Child, originally referred directly to the Holy Infant Jesus, who was said to bring gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Later the name came to stand for the embodiment of the Child's spirit, in angelic form, who brought the gifts in His place.

Byers' Choice Christkind is masterfully hand sculpted and painted with a beautifully expressive clay face.

Byers' Choice Carolers have represented an American made Christmas Tradition for over 40 years.

Stands 13 inches Tall. Made by hand in Chalfont, PA.

Byers' Choice Carolers are varied and one of kind pieces, handmade in the USA. Clothing styles, hair and eye color, and accessories may vary.

Artist: Joyce Byers
Brand: Byers' Choice
Series: Specialty Characters
Issued: June 2022
Dimensions: 13" H
Item #3581