Mom and Me Pins

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Mom and Me Pins

Mom and Me Pins



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Give our Mom and Me Shareable pins to your mother to let her know how much you appreciate all that she's done and continues to do for you. Your mom is the one that held you at night when you were born and wiped your tears when you were crying. Your mom has always had your best interest at heart, even when you didn't realize it. Give your loving mother our Mom and Me Shareable pins to symbolize the love bond the two of you share and every time either of you wear the pin you will think of one another and know how much you mean to each other. There is no greater blessing for a mother to have a daughter and there's no greater blessing to have a mother as loving as your mom is to you.
Brand: Thoughtful Little Angels
Dimensions: .50" W x .75" H
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Mom and Me Pins
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