Granddaughter and Me Pins

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Granddaughter and Me Pins

Granddaughter and Me Pins



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Grandmothers and granddaughters share a special bond and what better way to each show how much you mean to each other than by wearing and giving our Granddaughter and Me Shareables angel pins. Your granddaughter may not look like you but just look into her eyes and you will see reflected back to you memories of a time long ago when you were young and beautiful like her. Whether you are the granddaughter or grandmother receiving or giving these sentimental pins, by wearing our Granddaughter and Me shareable pins close to your hearts you show the world how special you are to one another. Share your love for each other by both of you proudly wearing our fashionable Granddaughter and Me Shareables angel pins.
Brand: Thoughtful Little Angels
Dimensions: .56" W x .81" H
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Granddaughter and Me Pins
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