Veronese Design Dragon Mage by Anne Stokes

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Veronese Design Dragon Mage by Anne Stokes

Veronese Design Dragon Mage by Anne Stokes


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Product Details

This gorgeous Dragon Mage figurine is based upon the artwork of Anne Stokes! A lovely sorceress stands with her dragon friend, staff in hand. She wears an outfit of blue and white, with rich earth-toned accents. The dragon has scales in icy shades of blue and white. This sculpture is a finely crafted, highly detailed work of art from the Veronese collection. You will be very pleased with the quality of this amazing statue. A magical addition to a collection!

Sculpture is cast in Polystone which is composed of polyurethane, resin, and mixed with powdered stone additives that give it added weight and a porcelain or "stone-like" feel. Polystone is very durable and delivers a cleaner, more substantial representation of an original sculpture than other common materials. Unicorn Studio uses polystone because it has an incredible ability to capture the most minute detail, making it unsurpassed in collectible manufacturing materials.

Artist: Anne Stokes
Brand: Veronese Design
Issued: January 2019
Material: Polystone
Dimensions: 9.5" H x 5.5" W x 7.5" L
Item #WU77428VA