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    Sol Seed Healing Balm: Rejuvenate

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      SKU: SS-HB-R
      Sol Seed Healing Balm: Rejuvenate


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      Sol Seed Healing Balm: Rejuvenate #SS-HB-R.

      This Balm smells fresh. Apply a small amount to the skin for a soothing, rejuvenating feeling.

      Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are great natural moisturizers. Sol Seed Healing Balm contains raw yellow shea butter, ivory shea butter and refined coconut oil! This serves as a base for the powerful healing blend of essential oils.

      The essential oil blend has been known to:

      • Aid migraine and tension headache symptoms by rubbing onto the temples and neck
      • Aid in lung and nasal congestion
      • Remove mental exhaustion
      • Boost memory
      • Treat a cold and flu symptoms when rubbed onto the chest and back
      • Relieve muscular pain
      • Treat skin infections
      • Treat acne
      • Aid in tick/insect defense
      • Relieve for eczema

      Organic Ingredients:
      Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil & Tea Tree Oil.
      *for external use only*

      While using Sol Seed Healing Balm, you will experience extremely hydrated, clear skin and shiny, soft hair. These relaxing aromas and magic of nature's essential oils will show you the healing power of Earth's ingredients. This product is made with all organic, non-gmo materials. The container is recyclable and reusable to hold any of your valuables when you're all out of balm! Stickers and paper material is resourced from Responsible Forestry and Renewable Energy. Through the practice of mindfulness and minimalism we can appreciate the simplicity of life and awaken to the abundance of beauty that surrounds us.

      Sol Seed Organic Balms are made from the king and queen of treating dry skin: Shea butter and coconut oil. I'msure you've heard about, or benefited from, the "magic" of essential oils. Each of Sol Seed balms are infused with a carefully crafted essential oil blend. Give up on those chemical-packed moisturizers and treat your skin right. There are many harmful chemicals in moisturizer. Even brands that market themselves as all-natural are still using Parabens, synthetic colors, fragrance and more. Check out the ingredients on the products you use and give them a quick search. The chemicals seep into your skin as you apply them daily! Prioritize your health and use organic. Sol Seed puts so much care into their balms. Our bodies do not need any substances that are not coming from nature.

      Brand: Sol Seed
      Dimensions: 2 oz.

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