Facets Bear Ornament

Facets Bear Ornament

Facets Bear Ornament


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Product Details

Department 56 Facets Bear Ornament #ND6011665.

Light reflective and multi-faceted high grade clear acrylic with a ribbon for hanging.

Product details:

  • Beautiful hanging ornament
  • Superb quality with reflective faceted acrylic
  • Holiday Season Receipent Gift
  • Evokes special memories
  • Looks wonderful in sunlight
  • Measures approximately 2.3in H x 1.3in W x 4in L and weights 0.22 lbs.

Brand: Facets
Issued: January 2022
Material: Acrylic
Dimensions: 2.3" H x 1.3" W x 4" L
Item #ND6011665