Woodstock Monarch Butterfly Chime

Woodstock Monarch Butterfly Chime

Woodstock Monarch Butterfly Chime


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Product Details

Woodstock Monarch Butterfly Chime #HSBU.

This chime plays a bright song as its hand-painted butterfly windcatcher dances in the breeze.

Evocative of the butterfly's flight from flower to flower, the chime is both graceful and beautiful. Butterflies start life as a caterpillar and then emerge as an elegant butterfly, so it's no surprise they represent transformation. Whether purchased for oneself or as a gift, its gentle tones will serve as a reminder to be creative, embrace change and allow one's true self to emerge.

This product is designed to hang from a string loop rather than an O-ring.

Product details:

  • Cherry finish ash wood
  • Four silver aluminum tubes
  • Hand-painted resin butterfly windcatcher
  • Overall Length: 15 inches - Diameter: 2.5 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 0.5 lb.

Brand: Woodstock
Dimensions: 15" L x 2.5" Dia
Item #HSBU