Asmodee Colt Express

Asmodee Colt Express

Asmodee Colt Express


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Asmodee Colt Express #COLT01.

It's 1899 and the Union Pacific Express is headed north to deliver its payroll and forty-seven passengers, but suddenly the train is attacked by a host of thieving bandits! Colt Express invites you and your friends to become outlaws robbing a detailed, three-dimensional train. Play Action cards to steal loot, shoot your opponents, move around the train, and elude the marshal's bullets. Will the outlaws keep their cool or will the marshal save the day and prevent the robbery? The only thing that matters is which outlaw is the richest when the train pulls into the station!

Product features:

  • Publisher: Ludonaute.
  • Product Type: Family Games
  • Product Sub-Type: Base Game.
  • Minimum Recommended Age: 10+.
  • Number of Players: 2 - 6.

Brand: Asmodee
Item #COLT01

Asmodee Colt Express