Thoughtful Little Angels My Sister Angel Pin

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Thoughtful Little Angels My Sister Angel Pin

Thoughtful Little Angels My Sister Angel Pin


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Our My Sister Angel lapel pin is a a great gift to let your sister know that the love you have for her is beyond compare. The bond between sisters is unbreakable. A sisters relationship evolves throughout the years from playing dress up together as little girls, to fighting over clothes as teenagers, to being each others best friends as adults. A sister is someone who not only knows all of your stories, but they lived them and experienced them with you. A sister can understand you much more than a friend can because they were brought up the same way as you and have the same parents as you, so they easily understand your ways. Let your sister know how much you love and adore her with our My Sister Angel Pin. Your sister means the world to you so what better way to let her know how much she means to you than with an angel.
Brand: Thoughtful Little Angels
Dimensions: .63" W x .69" H
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