Thoughtful Little Angels September Birthstone Angel Pin

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Thoughtful Little Angels September Birthstone Angel Pin

Thoughtful Little Angels September Birthstone Angel Pin


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The Thoughtful Little Angels Sapphire September Birthstone Angel makes a great gift to celebrate someone's birthday or makes a special treat for yourself. Throughout time birthstones have been worn as a symbol of your birth month. The September birthstone, with a history dating back to the Roman times, is known to encourage pain relief and personal expression. The sapphire has been credited as being the gemstone of creative expression and inner peace. Give someone special, whose birth month is in September, this unique Angel pin with its mystique and subtle beauty. Whether you like your birthstone color or just have a favorite color, this beautiful September Birthstone Angel will watch and protect you or a loved one. The inner peace that you feel from this stone can offer an additional benefit from this gift.

The Thoughtful Little Angels September Birthstone Angel features a handset sapphire cabochon moonstone body with a matching handset custom manufactured modulated wings that are very reflective. A Genuine Austrian Crystal is used as the head stone. This lapel pin has a 14Kt gold finished halo hovering over the head. Each pin comes on a colorful greeting card that can be used as a gift card which has a thought provoking verse with a "To and From" on the back giving the ability to sign and address this special gift for that special someone.

Verse on card: September Birthstone Angel. Your Guardian Angel is guided from above, and on its wings of Sapphire, it holds within its sway, health, happiness, and wisdom. September Sapphire.

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