Possible Dreams Dr Seuss Beware!

Possible Dreams Dr Seuss Beware!

Possible Dreams Dr Seuss Beware!


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Product Details

Department 56 Possible Dreams Beware! Clothtique Grinch #6009676 by Ann Dezendorf.

This 12 inch tall Grinch is dressed in Clothtique fabrics and fur with the signature Possible Dreams brass tag.

Product details:

  • Designed in the US by Ann Dezendorf exclusively for Department 56
  • Features Possible Dreams signature Clothtique stiffened fabric.
  • Hand-painted and assembled with intricate detail and artistic expertise.
  • Measures approximately 12.5in H x 5in W x 6in L

Artist: Ann Dezendorf
Brand: Possible Dreams
Series: Dr Seuss
Sub-Series: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Issued: January 2022
Material: PVC, Polyester, Resin, Clothtique
Dimensions: 12.5" H x 5" W x 6" L
Item #6009676