Department 56 DC Comics Themyscira

Department 56 DC Comics Themyscira

Department 56 DC Comics Themyscira


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Department 56 DC Comics Village Themyscira lighted building #6005632.

Some of American pop culture's most beloved characters are super heroes, and many of these costumed crime-fighters and their origins in the colorful pages of DC Comics. Founded in the early 1930s, DC created the super hero genre and has given life to many of its most iconic characters, especially Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

From the Golden Age to the Modern Age of Comics, these heroes have endured as champions of justice and stand today among the most famous fictional characters in the world. Now you can bring the heroics of DC's super heroes to your Village with detailed, comic-accurate figurines and models, new from Department 56.

Representing the home land of Wonder Woman, Themyscira is a fabulous replica of the island where she was reared, learned her values, and gained her strength from the powerful women who raised her.

Electrical: Adapter cord included.

Replacement Bulb: None.

Replacement Cord: 4.5 V, .4a, with M/F plug. White.

Coordinates with 6005633 Wonder Woman accessory.

Brand: Department 56
Series: DC Comics
Issued: January 2020
Retired: December 2020
Material: Zinc alloy, AC Adapter, Polyresin, LED, Stone Powder
Dimensions: 11.42" H x 9.49" W x 9.53" L
Item #6005632

Department 56 DC Comics Themyscira