Roman St Patrick's Rosary with Green Shamrock Beads

Roman St Patrick's Rosary with Green Shamrock Beads

Roman St Patrick's Rosary with Green Shamrock Beads


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Roman St Patrick Rosary with Green Shamrock Beads #30127.

You will appreciate the many aspects that make this lovely St. Patrick's Rosary a truly Irish rosary. The green glass beads each feature an imprinted shamrock which is sometimes used as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The crucifix is a Celtic Cross with its unique circle which signifies eternity or infinity. The centerpiece or joiner medal has the image of St. Patrick who is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland.

The St. Patrick's Rosary is presented in a stunning green velvet box which gives it beautiful presentation for giving the rosary as a gift while also providing a secure place to store the rosary when not in use. The rosary measures 25' long and the beads are a lovely green color which contrasts nicely against the silver colored metal of the links. This stunning rosary would be a meaningful gift to give to someone of Irish heritage especially if they have a particular devotion to the Rosary prayer. This rosary gives you a beautiful means of saying one of the best loved prayers of the Church.

Product features:

  • St. Patrick's Rosary
  • Shamrock Imprinted Green Beads
  • Celtic cross crucifix
  • 25" long
  • Gift Box

Brand: Roman
Dimensions: Rosary: 25" L; Box: 4" x 6"
Item #30127

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