Byers' Choice Daffodil Cart

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Byers' Choice Daffodil Cart

Byers' Choice Daffodil Cart


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Byers' Choice Daffodil Cart #2003W by Joyce Byers.

The Daffodil Cart adds a bit more color for your Spring Caroler display, and can bring a splash of sunny yellow to other Springtime arrangements around the home.

Byers' Choice Carolers have represented an American made Christmas Tradition for over 40 years.

Stands 5 Inches Tall 8.5 Inches Long. Made by hand in Chalfont, PA.

Byers' Choice Carolers are varied and one of kind pieces, handmade in the USA. Clothing styles, hair and eye color, and accessories may vary.

Artist: Joyce Byers
Brand: Byers' Choice
Issued: January 2021
Dimensions: 5" H x 8.5" L
Item #2003W