Precious Moments Disney Red #4 Figurine

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Precious Moments Disney Red #4 Figurine

Precious Moments Disney Red #4 Figurine



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Precious Moments Disney Cars Red #4 Figurine #164434.

The lovable fire truck from Disney Pixar's Cars movies, Red might sometimes be shy, but today races to action in this fourth piece in a series of colorful Cars inspired collectible mini figurines. Straight out of Radiator Springs, this fun figurine captures the engine-revving excitement and endearing nostalgia of the Cars characters. Give this unique Disney Showcase Collection collectible figurine to any fan of the Cars characters as a birthday gift, holiday gift or 'just because'.

Artist: Samuel J. Butcher
Brand: Precious Moments
Series: Disney
Sub-Series: Cars
Issued: September 2016
Material: Cold-Cast Resin
Dimensions: 3.5" H
Item #164434