Evergreen Dragonfly Beauty Organza Garden Flag

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Evergreen Dragonfly Beauty Organza Garden Flag

Evergreen Dragonfly Beauty Organza Garden Flag



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Don't let the delicate beauty of Evergreen Flag's Dragonfly Beatuty organza designs fool you: this dreamy fabric may be lightweight, but it is also durable and tough. Ready to dress up any outdoor space, its luxurious appeal comes to life as it dances beautifully in the breeze. The organza is anchored by a satin flag so when the innovative product blows in the wind, the 2 pieces move together for a visually stunning display. Our sublimation process ensures the design is aligned by printing the eye-catching artwork on both layers at once. Why are we the world's leader in flags? Because decorative trims, 3D accents, and bold colors make our offerings stand out. Evergreen's exclusive flags are covered in exquisite seasonal and everyday artwork created by licensed artists. Due to the nature of the packaging, wrinkling may have occurred during the shipping process. Once item is unfolded and mounted on hardware, the creases will naturally fall out. Spot clean only. Never put in a dryer. When not in use, flags can be hung in a closet or placed in a storage container. Flag pole is sold separately.
Brand: Evergreen
Retired: December 2020
Dimensions: 12.5" x .1" x 18"
Item #14O8432