Thoughtful Little Angels For Luck Pin

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Thoughtful Little Angels For Luck Pin

Thoughtful Little Angels For Luck Pin


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Thoughtful Little Angels Angel Hug For Good Luck Pin #1065.

Our horseshoe shaped Angel Hugs For Good Luck pin makes a great gift for someone special who may need a little extra luck and guidance in their everyday life. We all know someone who has the worst luck ever, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Some people just aren't lucky. What better gift to give to these people than an Angel Hugs For Good Luck. It is said that whoever wears this angel pin, each and every day, will be guided with loving care and the angel will watch over you and is sure to bring this person Good Luck! With a hug from an angel you are sure to have a good day.

Brand: Thoughtful Little Angels
Dimensions: .75" W x .81" H
Item #1065