Village Candle Crisp Apple Wax Melt

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Village Candle Crisp Apple Wax Melt

Village Candle Crisp Apple Wax Melt


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Product Details

Village Candle Crisp Apple: Apple Accord - Apple Wood - Pear Blossom.

This classic fragrance is loved for so many reasons. Offering the perfect balance of fruity florals and rich woods, Village Candle Crisp Apple fragrance creates a world of familiar and forever loved scents, merged into one. With the clean crispness of apple, the petal soft prettiness of pear blossoms and the allure of applewood. Effortlessly perfect and uplifting.

One melt provides up to 8 hours of fragrance. Village Candle 2.2 oz wax melt is scored into 6 melts.

Brand: Village Candle
Material: High-quality fragrance and food-grade paraffin wax for a clean, even burn
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