Village Candle Lavender 11 oz Jar

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Village Candle Lavender 11 oz Jar

Village Candle Lavender 11 oz Jar


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The Latin name for lavender literally means, "to wash" - a perfect and time-honored description. Offering a soft, gentle scent, lavender is loved for its power to soothe and calm, and clear the mind. We wanted to preserve the purity of the lavender scent and its body and spirit benefits, so our fragrance quite literally smells just like a beautiful field of blooming lavender. Breathe in. Experience a deeper sense of wellbeing. 11 oz small glass jar candle provides up to 55 hours of fragrance.
Brand: Village Candle
Material: 100% food grade paraffin used in all candles. Highest quality fragrance oils. Maximum fragrance load used in all candles.
Dimensions: 11 ounces
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