Thoughtful Little Angels Hug For My Aunt

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Thoughtful Little Angels Hug For My Aunt

Thoughtful Little Angels Hug For My Aunt


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This Angel Hug For My Aunt Pin is the perfect way to let your Aunt know how special and loved she is by you. An Aunt is someone who not only helped mold you in to the person you are but they are also a dear friend. Sleepovers as a young child at your aunts house were always the best times, surrounded by your cousins with endless amounts of playing and movie nights. As you grow older your Aunt is there to talk to, to help you through situations you may not want to talk to your parents about, but you know they are giving you sound advice. Then as an adult you can enjoy each others company by having lunch together and catching up on your everyday life. An Aunt is someone you cherish deeply and what better way to tell your Aunt how much she means to you than with our Angel Hug For My Aunt Pin.
Brand: Thoughtful Little Angels
Dimensions: .75" W x .81" H
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