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    Aurora Yulli the Yeti 16 inch Stuffed Animal

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      SKU: 09804
      Aurora Yulli the Yeti 16 inch Stuffed Animal


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      Yulli the Yeti Stuffed Animal by Aurora is anything but abominable! It seems odd to call Yulli a stuffed abominable snowman when, taken out of context, it couldn't be more false! This stuffed yeti is actually un-abominable, if that is even a word. It seems that legends and lore have given Yulli the Yeti Stuffed Animal a bad rap. Yulli is really quite friendly, super cute, and loves to cuddle. Sure, Yulli has two pointy teeth but that doesn't mean that they are for biting. Those choppers are strictly for chewing and Yulli loves a good snack. Popsicles, ice cream, and iced tea are a few of his favorite things. Get it? It's all cold stuff because Yulli is an abominable snowman stuffed animal. There's that word again! Yulli is doing his best to turn around the reputation that yeti are big and mean and dangerous. It will take some time, but eventually maybe even the word abominable will take on a new meaning. This version of Yulli the Yeti Stuffed Animal is about sixteen inches tall and has embroidered teeth and soft, felt claws. Seriously, does that sound scary at all? This stuffed yeti can also be found in two other sizes and has a friend, Etti, that is pink. Is it a girlfriend? We don't know. Yulli says a gentleman doesn't discuss those things. See? There is nothing abominable about Yulli whatsoever! Recommended for ages three and up, this stuffed abominable snowman is surface washable.
      Brand: Aurora
      Material: Plush
      Dimensions: 16" Head to Toes

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