Bathtime By Selina Fenech

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Bathtime By Selina Fenech

Bathtime By Selina Fenech



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When mermaids aren't spending their time in the ocean, they enjoy a long soak in a bubble bath! The creative imagination of Selina Fenech brings you Bathtime, a shimmering golden tail mermaid savoring a bubble bath as she flips her tail in delight, and her expression makes you wonder what or who she's dreaming about; her love, or her love for the ocean? This Bathtime statue is expertly cast in polyresin in intricately sculpted detail and hand painted to not miss any detail. Her tail fin looks almost iridescent, like that of a real fish, and her hair is long and fiery like copper. Her white tub with golden clawfeet has a garden of pink flowery vines the grow from the bottom, and she is surrounded in burning candles. 8.25 inch long x 5 inch wide x 4.5 inch high. This is one exciting piece any mermaid or fantasy art collection shouldn't be without!
Artist: Selina Fenech
Brand: Veronese Design
Material: Made of polystone
Dimensions: 4.5" H x 5" W x 8.25" L
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Bathtime By Selina Fenech
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