Fairy Wishing Well by Selina Fenech

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Fairy Wishing Well by Selina Fenech

Fairy Wishing Well by Selina Fenech



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The Fairy Wishing Well LED Light-Up Fountain Sculpture by Selina Fenech features a fairy sitting at a fountain counting coins. Charming blonde fairy has a beaded pearl headband and wears a peasant style strapless sleeveless dress in pink that has burgundy trim with a burgundy corset top that laces at the sides. A burgundy ribbon is laced around her left ankle. The fountain she sits on looks like an ancient Roman fountain with cracks along the back. There is a leaf face character where the green water comes out to splash in the bowl. Green leaf plants are growing at both edges of the back of the fountain. Gold coins sit around the sides like she is counting them to see how much the tourists threw in for the day. Her translucent fairy wings have a pink tinge of color. This LED light up fairy figurine requires 3 AAA batteries, not included, to light up the water as it comes out of the fountain. This Wishing Well would make a fantastic night light for a little girl that loves fairies.
Artist: Selina Fenech
Brand: Veronese Design
Material: Made of polystone
Dimensions: 9" H x 5.25" W
Item #WU77039AA
Fairy Wishing Well by Selina Fenech
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