Love One Another

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Love One Another

Love One Another



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A Precious Moments classic. The concept of simply loving one another speaks volumes. This figurine depicts a boy and girl sitting on a stump. This figurine is one of the original twenty-one and stands 4.75 inches tall. This piece was the first Precious Moments drawing. Tammy, Sam's daughter, sat by Uncle Bill on a stool back-to-back and the love she portrayed for Uncle Bill was the inspiration for the first Precious Moments figurine. The original art was stolen from the Jonathan and David Company. This figurine was one of the Original 21 figurines that were introduced in 1979 and is the only one of the Origianl 21 figurines still available.
Artist: Samuel J. Butcher
Brand: Precious Moments
Issued: January 1978
Material: Made of Bisque Porcelain
Dimensions: 4.75" H
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Love One Another
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