Thoughtful Little Angels Caregiver Angel Pin

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Thoughtful Little Angels Caregiver Angel Pin

Thoughtful Little Angels Caregiver Angel Pin


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Give our sparkling Caregiver Angel to that special someone who takes phenomenal care of you or a loved one. Caregivers are like angels themselves, they take care of other people all day long and always put other's needs before their own. Whether the caregiver is watching your child or is taking care of your elderly grandparent, they are always there to lend a helping hand and they always do it with a smile on their face. It takes a very special person to take care of other people, people they personally do not know, but they do their job with kindness and it comes from their heart. Thank your caregiver for all that they do with this beautiful angel and let them know that they are your angel.
Brand: Thoughtful Little Angels
Dimensions: .75" W x .81" H
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