Soar - Girl Releasing Dove

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Soar - Girl Releasing Dove

Soar - Girl Releasing Dove



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Sentiment: "a time to reflect, a time to soar".

A gift for graduates or to celebrate special encourage, support and acknowledge individual strength.

The gesture of the figure and the bird communicates forward movement... Being uplifted, moving onward; a release of hopes, dreams and spirit; of new beginnings and of endings; in celebration of a life... Or in anticipation of a life together.

This piece could also be a way to express best wishes to someone who is taking a new path in life; on a road to recovery from illness or toward self-improvement... A hopeful symbol of peace for military families awaiting the return of their solders... An expression of sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one.

Artist: Susan Lordi
Brand: Willow Tree
Material: Crafted from resin and painted by hand
Dimensions: 5" H
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Soar - Girl Releasing Dove
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