Angel of Comfort

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Angel of Comfort

Angel of Comfort



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Offering a beautiful scene of companionship, this Angel Of Comfort Willow Tree Figurine by Susan Lordi features a sitting boy angel dressed in white with delicate wire wings, holding his puppy in his lap. Crafted from resin and painted by hand, the Angel of Comfort is the only boy Willow Tree figurine with wings - making him an extra special piece!

Meaningful to any mother of a son, this boy angel figurine is also a wonderful healing and remembrance gift.

Sentiment on enclosure card: "Offering an embrace of comfort and love". Enclosure card included in box for gift-giving.

Artist: Susan Lordi
Brand: Willow Tree
Material: Crafted from resin and metal; painted by hand
Dimensions: 3.5" H
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Angel of Comfort
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