Steamboat Willie - Mickey Mouse

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Steamboat Willie - Mickey Mouse

Steamboat Willie - Mickey Mouse



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All aboard for a ride back in time with Steamboat Mickey! In old-fashioned black, white and gray colors, Disney's Mickey Mouse is adorable in his role in the classic short film, Steamboat Willie! Reminds us that we can laugh out loud and enjoy some old-fashioned fun once in a while. Makes a wonderful gift for Disney fans and BFFs. Stands out in a collection and inspires wonderful memories of black and white cartoons and simpler times.
Artist: Samuel J. Butcher
Brand: Precious Moments
Series: Disney
Issued: June 2017
Material: Made of bisque porcelain
Dimensions: Approximately 5.75" H x 6.25" W x 4.25" D
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Steamboat Willie - Mickey Mouse
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